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throwing rocks along a shoreline when a wave slammed into them. baker was dragged off and griffith tried to save him and they both drowned. griffith's body was recovered but the search was called off due to dangerous water. >>> san francisco and u.s. coast guard rescue crews were called to ocean beach after the surfers were reported missing around 12:30 this afternoon. one witness told cbs 5 the surfers were struggling to get back to shore. >> it was looking like the waves were smashing on top of them but they eventually worked their way to shore without any assistance. >> the effort to save the surfers comes after the national weather service issued a high surf advisory from sonoma to the san mateo coast. >>> standing or walking along the shore can also be hazardous. cbs 5 reporter ann maco vick tells us sneaker waves pose a real danger. >> i love to watch the swells. >> carol came to rodeo beach to take pictures but with caution. she's already experienced a sneaker wave. >> i was so busy looking at the waves and the foam came up and i sunk to my knees. i'm holding up the camera. >> sne
from san francisco died in hawaii in rough surf. crews say 46-year-old adam griffith went climbing on a rocky coastal area when a wave pulled one of the men out to sea. the other reportedly jumped in to save him and they both drowned. crews recovered griffith's body this morning, they're still searching for baker's body. >>> san leandro police are searching for as many as seven people after a deadly shooting at the b.a.r.t. station. two groups of people started shooting at each other in the bus stop area yesterday afternoon. the man in his 40s who was killed, we're told, was an innocent bystander caught in the cross fire. a woman was also grazed by a bullet and taken to the hospital. investigators said they found evidence of nearby homes, but would not elaborate on what they found. so far, only one arrest has been made, a 16-year-old boy detained shortly after the shooting. >>> still to come at 5:00, they are on their way to the super bowl. we'll take you out to atlanta with more reaction from the 49ers locker room. >>> he claims he was a victim of an elaborate hoax and now manti t
arrastrado por una fuerte ola y uno de sus amigos adam griffith de 46 se lanzo al agua para salvarlo... pero ambos se ahogaron debido al fuerte oleaje... ---el cadaver de griffith fue recuperado el sabado... ---hoy la busqueda se suspendio debido a las condiciones peligrosas para los rescatistas. blanca --una investigacion ha obligado a la aerolinea "all nippon" a cancelar mas vuelos de su "dreamliner" desde el aeropuerto mineta de san jose hacia japon. vo --los vuelos han sido cancelados hasta el 28 de enero y la aerolinea dice que es posible que hayan mas. --la agencia federal de aviacion mando a base el boeing 787 la semana pasada despues de una serie de problemas con fugas de combustible y de incendios en la bateria. --quienes ya habian comprado boleto con "all nippon" mantendran sus vuelos pero saldran desde otros aeropuertos de la costa oeste. cesar ---empleados de la agencia estatal de transporte caltrans, take vo ---comenzaron hoy las labores de reparacion de la cerca que fue daÑada cuando el pasado 7 de enero un buque petrolero choco contra una de las columnas del puente de la bahi
of adam griffiths and brian baker. >> the island mourns with them. this is really a tragic event. >> reporter: the group were part of five men vacations in kauai. the men decided to surf in the north shore. >> that time another friend who was with him adam griffiths jumped in to try to help him and he was overcome by the waves as well. so they both drowned. >> reporter: officials were able to retrieve the body of griffiths but the high swells made it difficult to search for baker. the search continues today. >>> the last minute legal move that has protesters up in arms. >> another very nice day across the entire bay area. coming up at 10:37, i'll let you know the the warm weather pattern lingers into your monday. and when shower chances could return into your forecast. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an
-old brian baker of vallejo was swept to sea first. his friend, 46-year-old adam griffith tried to lower a stick to help his friend when he was knocked into the water by a second sneaker wave. griffith's fiance witnessed the whole thing. friends in the bay area are shocked. they were both athletic and brian was an experienced swimmer. >> he's been swimming, apparently, since he was a young, young kid. he was a diver in high school and the triathlons, he was just really, really fit. >> they made friends with everybody. they made you, they made everyone feel welcome. and appreciated. >> friends say griffiths will be cremated and his ashes sent back to his native australia. the body of baker still has not been found. >>> the investigative unit exclusive. under fire and facing a lot of heat. a long time east bay firefighter is under intense scrutiny after being arrested for burglary and grand theft. police found illegal weapons and thousands of stolen firefighting gear at his homes and in his cars. that's not the most disturbing aspect to the story. investigative report he vicky winn has an
francisco man who drowned in hawaii. two men from san francisco, 46-year-old adam griffith and 47-year-old brian baker were on the island of kauai. they went climbing on a rocky coastal area when a wave pulled baker out to sea. griffith jumped in to help and they both drowned. crews did recover griffith's body on saturday morning. they are still searching for baker's body. >>> new conflict to report tonight involving the leadership of the california national guard and its largest union. it follows a series of critical investigations by our investigative unit and with knbc our sister station in los angeles into the culture behind the gates of the california national guard. our chief investigative report er tony kovaleski joins us. >> reporter: what he described as a lack of action by general david baldwin. we conducteded on and off camera interviews with two dozen members of the guard. the issue is the guard's failure to handle complaints involving sexual harassment, racism, and retaliation. last february the guard's largest union supported the appointment of general david baldwin. now
in review edition of "christian world news" i am wendy griffith. elections brought the mouslim brotherhood into power. thousands are fleeing the country. as this wave of unprecedented immigration grows, they maybe on the verge of an awakening. >> you have an emboldened local islamist, that one of their brethren is in power to what they see is god's message on the grounds without a government. >> creeping islamization has the coptic christian community nervous. many have left the country. >> it is an exodus. >> david alton is with the human rights campaign. >> a lot of killings. churches bombed. christian women raped. all sorts of things taking place. 100,000 coptic christians have fled the country. >> my local church in fairfax, we have seen a serious wave of immigration from egypt since the revolution. that is one church in the u.s. >> iranian pastor says some of his members fled for the united states. that is not just christians leaving. >> they fled the country. they don't feel safe with coming with the muslim brotherhood. >> many egyptians remain because they can't afford to go anywher
authority and residents face. i left an hour and a half meeting with residents over at alice griffith; we deal with many of the challenges on a daily basis. not a day goes by when my staff or i are contacted or personally affected -- when i consider that i have family members that stay in these developments, or when i received complaints about maintenance, and on a positive note, good news when we receive grants from the federal government to help with the sf rebuild. two weeks ago i attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony when the mayor, i am whole community got the opportunity to tour a 4-unit building. we are progressing and moving in the right direction, departing from the way we have been conducting business as it relates to our housing. it is no surprise that the housing authority has struggle with the more than 200 million unfunded maintenance liability, and decreasing resources from hud. i appreciate the budget analyst's presentation and willingness to work with the board on this particular issue. however there are a number of realities that i want this audit to recognize and in
ballet hispanico, josé feliciano , melanie griffith, george lópez, mario lópez, entre otros... si se anima, las entradas ya están a la venta a través de la página web el precio base es de 300 dólares... sin duda que todos los latinos estaremos muy bien representad os... para finalizar esta edicion de noticias vamos con pedro biaggi, adelante pedro, buenas noches... ya para finalizar, les muestro estas imagenes.. un caos se formo en una interestatal en la florida, causado por un toro. asi es, como me escucho...un toro convirtio la carretera en una plaza o rodeo.. el camion que transportaba al toro choco...un oficial de policia acudio a la llamada de emergercia, pero nunca se imagino que desde el camion involucrado en el accidente saliera un toro, y peor aun, el animal estaba asustado por el impacto... el oficial fue perseguido por el toro por varios minutos, incluso fue lesionado.. finalmente, policias tuvieron que dispararle al toro varias veces, dicen que por seguridad del publico...
out to a remote area, and a road wave swept baker out to see and griffith jumped in, but no one survived. officials were able to refreeftrieve griffith's body but they are searching for baker still. >> they had a jet ski and the waters were too choppy. today i am told the conditions are about the same, very rough surf again, but they are hoping with the helicopter they will be able to spot something. >> reporter: authorities have closed all the north shore beaches and we are told the friend are still in hawaii. >>> president obama was sworn in for his second term during a private event but hundreds of thousands are prepared to watch the public version in washington. and ken smith found plenty of people prom the bay area. >> reporter: it has has happened before when a president being signed in on sunday and the event taking place on monday. 1.8 million people last time were there in washington to see, this time the crowd sizes will be much smaller. [jazz music] >> reporter: a growing excitement in the area and you can see it in the faces of people. >> i will be crying just like i
in rough surf this weekend. crews say 46-year-old adam griffith and 49-year-old adam baker drowned. they went climbing on a rocky coastal area when a wave pulled one of the men out to sea. the other reportedly jumped in to try to save him. and they both drowned. crews recovered griffith's body this morning. they're still searching for baker's body. >>> health care leaders have been urging everyone to get a flu shot for months. but it turns out in california, only about 60% of health care workers have been vaccinated. that's according to the california department of public health. some of the industries think the shot should be required, while others point out there are some good reasons not to get vaccinated. >> some people are allergic to eggs. you can't take it if you're allergic to eggs. some people have different religious beliefs. some people think that they're going to get the flu either way, or it's going to lower their immunity so they will get some kind of flu. but i think it's really important. >> this year the effectiveness of the flu shot is estimated at about 60%. >>>
with this character and a friend of mine, lee greenway who was a makeup man on the old "griffith" show has a lot to do with it. and i bring many memories to work with me everyday. and so i have -- i have formed the character in great part. the mysteries to me are not all that important. i hope that doesn't hurt anybody's feelig the human stories, the humanity the comedyÑi that's where i get my fun and my enjoyment. >> rose: how do you explain the success of the griffith show even today? >> a lot of things. one was the writing. we had the best writers in town. aaron rubin and i both wrote and don knotts wrote a lot of the stuff that we did. and i think one of the -- it was a group effortq situation comedy such as so many of them are today where you depend on jokes. a lot of the shows we did they weren't real comedies but when what comedy we did do was character comedy. so you can see it over and over and over again because it's not a joke that you've heard once and you don't have to hear it again. when you know barney fife is going to put that one bullet in his gun, it's gonna go off! >> rose: (laughs
. at the time trading at $39 and change, since then, risen to $53. let's check in with jim griffith, president and ceo of timken, learn more about where the company is headed. mr. griffith, welcome back to "mad money." >> it's great to be with you, jim. >> do you think some of what happened in your stock since we saw each other last, that people believe 2013 will be a better year or the fact that the year did finish pretty strong even if some of the parts, oil and gas, some weren't as robust as we'd like? >> well, i think the market's beginning to recognize that the timken company today is a very different company. 2012 was our second best year structurally in terms of earnings, and as you said, we went through a fourth quarter where our customers were adjusting inventory, our plant utilization went down to 50%. and yet we delivered a good quarter. and i think that recognition is getting through to the market. >> well, i think this is really important because i've studied this for a long time, visited bethlehem steel a bunch of times. once they went below 90%, okay, 90% of their factories bein
. hello, everyone, i'm george thomas. >> wendy: and i'm wendy griffith. open doors u.s.a. has released its annual watch list of the world's 50 worries offenders. most surprising, christians in africa are witnessing a surge in persecution there. mali jumped from unranked to number seven. tanzania, kenya, uganda, and argentina joined the list, and ethiopia climbed from 38 to 15. but north korea is the worst country in the world to be a christian. it topped the chart for the 11 year in a row, followed by saudi arabia, afghanistan, iraq. >> the arab spring, in many ways, has turned into an islamic winter for the christians of the middle easterly. that includes the whole state of north africa. pretty much every place that has an election has elected islamists, and they have made it more difficult for the churches of the middle east, who are pretty significant minorities in a lot of these countries. so that has been a bad thing. >> george: tens of thousands of christians are fleeing the middle east because of persecution, yet this modern day exitous is getting little attention in the west. now a
colleague, wendy griffith is on holiday. russian president va vladimir putin signed a law preventing thousands of russian orphans to go to americans. john waggi plains. >> reporter: michelle mobley has quite a collection of toys and clothes. they were gathering them for a little one who would soon join them. >> we always wanted to adopt. we decided this is the time. >> reporter: the christian nebraska couple has a blog site telling of their wait for 6-year-old artem, who spent his whole life in a russian orphanage. his mother gave him up when she learned he had down syndrome. but it was love at first site for the mobleys. >> the minute he walked in, we knew he belonged to the family. you go along in your life, and you know someone is missing in your family. when we met him, we knew that piece was fulfilled. >> when you hear about a story and you start connecting and reading more about him, it's hard for me to not think about him. not want to take care of him. i knew he was the one, too, because you get connected to these kids. even though you can't see them on a daily base. you read
griffith. >> george: this week, european's highest court issued a mixed bag of rulings of how christians can live out their faith in the workplace. >> reporter: the european court of human rights has ruled that the u.k. had failed to protect the freedom of a british airways worker to wear her cross to work, but they rejected the case of christian nurse shirley jackson, who was refused the right to wear her cross for health and safety reasons. british prime minister david cameron says he was delighted that they approved the wearing of religious symbols. >> the chaplain, who's case is being supported, says she is very disappointed that her religious principles weren't being upheld. >> i feel very saddened that my views are not considered as worthy as others'. that my right to manifest my faith in my workplace has been denied me. >> reporter: dispi despite her case being rejected, chaplain wants to acknowledge that the cross is a christian symbol. >> i am really, really grateful that the european court has upheld the principle that the cross actually represents the christian faith. which th
plans for alice griffith, for sunnydale, for potrero hill, for west side courts, every one of these will be touched. (applause) >> not just with their own money. we're going to see to it that our private partners, too, whether it's benny house or the sf foundation, the san francisco foundation that we are working very closely with already. they're helping me raise many of the private funds that go into the training services in support of services. and, of course, even our own staff at the mayor's office of housing at the cii. we're all buoyed by this. we all know at the end of it it's such a goal for everybody to have decent living lives and environment. that's holistic, and not just a fiscal rebuild. i want to emphasize as well that we have a lot of people to thank. and in addition to the board of supervisors and all the people that we have as partners already, i can't stop thanking constantly leader pelosi and her wonderful office staff. (applause) >> she is back there, still fighting for us on every single dime that we need to have. but, ghosh, what a fearless, dedicated
the puppies are weaned they're assigned to a volunteer puppy raiser, people like gail griffith who teaches basic commands. >> i started out wanting to be with a dog after i met all of the cci people and the graduates that i was doing something that made a real difference to somebody else's life. >> reporter: all cci dogs are black labs, golden retrievers or a mix of the two. >> this class allows us to practice our commands. >> reporter: at age 1 1/2 the dogs leave their volunteers and they head to long island where they get more formal training learning more than 60 commands. only 40% of the canines pass this stage of training and those are then placed into service. >> sagin has been the best thing that we've done for our family. >> today is sagin's birthday. canine companions for independence says training each dog costs about $45,000. cci is looking for more volunteer puppy raisers. go to our website for more information and look under our inauguration button. >> you just made it. >> what do you mean? i've been here for five minutes. >> really? >> yes. hanging on every word. >> we shou
. none bigger than quarterback richard griffith 3. r.g. 3, a great rookie quarterback impressed with everything he's seen from griffin. >> he's a remarkable kid, and, you know, as you watch him and listen to him and all, he's really special. and that doesn't necessarily translate to the football field, but it did in his case. he was able to handle it and do stuff right off the bat. made great impressions from the beginning and held numbers through the season. rg3 is, he's just, got all of those commercials for a reason. you know? he's done it, and he's been just incredible. >>> coming up later in sports, more on the redskins/seahawks and college basketball. >>> you know seahawks fans are hard to find in the d.c. area, but we did find one who's a diehard, at least for this weekend. darcy spencer join us to explain the rift in one bowie household. >> reporter: the crosbys are a football family, but mom and dad never support the same team. danny crosby saws for the redskins, his wife april goes for any team but the burgundy and gold. >> let's go 'skins! >> reporter: he's rooting fo
. after the puppies are weaned, they're assigned to a volunteer puppy raiser like gayle griffith who teaches them basic commands. >> i started out wanting to be a dog, that i was doing something that made a real difference. >> reporter: all cci dogs are black labs, golden retrievers, or a mix of the two. >> this class allows us to practice the commands. >> reporter: at age 1 and a half, they leave their volunteers and head to long island where they get more formal tripping, getting more than 60 commands. only 40% of canines place this stage of training and are then placed into service. >> sage is the best thing for our family. >> canine companions for independence says training each cog costs about -- each dog costs about $4500. >> and the companions come in all sizes. we had one little guy trot down the isle. a lot of dogs -- down the aisle. a lot of looks, but he was very well-behaved and had his vest on. thank you for watching. happy friday. >> good morning, monica. >> i want to laugh. >> me too. and howard bernstien has
first pitch in 1910 at griffith stadium in d.c. >>> saturday was the final workup before they packed and clung to new orleans. will be in our seven of pregame coverage. for the players, they are simply trying to get their minds around playing in the big game. >> you are still taking care of the lagistics. it's pretty fun. >> and of course, super bowl xlvii right here on wusa9 sunday, february 3. 6:30 and the day before, the game on crew gets you ready for a special super bowl edition of game on. can't wait to see that one. ravens, 49ers, who are you thinking? >> i'm going with ravens. >> absolutely. >> more experienced quarterback? >> i'm going with the ravens. leave it at that. i think they are due. i think it's their season. >> joe flacco playing better? >> what's the deal with him? not going to play in the pro bowl. he was involved in an assault yesterday. he was the victim. that's what the police are saying in hawaii. he required stitches. that's why he's not going to play in the pro bowl. he will be in the sidelines and that's all we know right now. >> he was the victim.
with this character and a friend of mine, lee greenway, who was a makeup man on the old "griffith" show, has a lot to do with it. and i bring many memories to work with me everyday. and so i have -- i have formed the character in great part. the mysteries to me are not all that important. i hope that doesn't hurt anybody's feelig the human stories, the humanity, the comedy,Ñi that's where i get my fun and my enjoyment. >> rose: how do you explain the success of the griffith show even today? >> a lot of things. one was the writing. we had the best writers in town. aaron rubin and i both wrote, and don knotts wrote a lot of the stuff that we did. and i think one of the -- it was a group effortq situation comedy such as so many of them are today where you depend on jokes. a lot of the shows we did they weren't real comedies but when what comedy we did do was character comedy. so you can see it over and over and over again because it's not a joke that you've heard once and you don't have to hear it again. when you know barney fife is going to put that one bullet in his gun, it's gonna go off! >> rose
describe griffith as a man who was always willing to help. >> anyone in trouble or having a hard time at work he was always the first one to help you out. it didn't surprise me he died a hero. >> reporter: baker was a creative spirit who would light up a room with a dream. hawaii authorities were able to retrieve griffith's body on friday but they are still looking for baker. >>> the idea behind a new proposal to demolish part of interstate 280 before it reaches the south of market neighborhood. >> cooler wet weather is on its way to the bay area. i'm tracking it for you coming up. >>> s.w.a.t. team activity in east oakland as a man hunt continues for two suspects of three suspects who believe to have shot and injured an oakland police officer. we'll have details coming up. ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant veget
into the water off the island's north shore friday. firefighters recovered the body of adam griffiths saturday. griffiths dove into the bay to try to rescue brian baker after he got into trouble in the water. but the surf overcame both men. firefighters are still searching for baker, but he is presumed dead. another gun "buyback" event today... became >>> a gun buy back vent was so popular every penny of the 43 tow dollars fund was depleted. nay asked residents the turn the weapons in without payment. >> get them out of the house. those are the ones that will wind up in somebody's hands. a young child. those are the ones we want out of the house. >> today's response was in the first hour and a half. they took in about 18 weapons including this thing. a single shot .22 caliber gun about the size of a pen. a type of gun you can't buy at any store. >>> it has become sort of a family tradition. the san francisco 49ers go to the super bowl. before they get the lombardy trophy, they got the trophy for winning the nf c championship trophy against the falcons. they h
to singer actor jim nabors. the star of the andy griffith show and gomer pyle just married his long time partner of 38 years in seattle. jim is 82, but we still wish him a long and happy life. i don't think same-sex marriage was legal in mayberry, but i doubt that they ever would have arrested gomer because the town drunk was always sleeping one off in the town's only jail cell. now they're bound to be conservative freakouts about the nabors nuptials even by my family down south and there are reports that branson missouri has gone into total lockdown, but no tv show has expressed hometown values more than the andy griffith show. jim nabors' relationship is a stable monogamous relationship that happens to be gay. if we can get this marriage equality out of the way maybe we can address more pressing problems in society like organizing that intervention for otis. ♪ and dream ♪ the unreachable star ♪ >> john: tonight we're going to start featuring some of your tweets on the show, and we're going to begin with ricardo lozano. he said. nra says background checks do no good because crimin
-- so, hang on a minute. so, your mother was what? frances... griffiths. frances griffiths, yes. so, these-- the story is that these two children, one age 16, one age 10 believed there were fairies in the bottom of their garden. and, in order to convince their father they took a camera and they took photographs. that's right. and that was in july and august 1917. and those two photographs, as i understand it were those two. is that right? that's right, yes. so, which is your mother? this is my mother here. that's your mother. so, elsie was what her cousin, or...? her first cousin yes. their mothers were sisters. okay, so, they came back with the camera and said "we can prove there are fairies." and these were accepted at the time weren't they? so, when the first photographs were taken in 1917, they were really only shown to the family, weren't they? they were only intended for family consumption. just to get frances out of trouble 'cause she was always falling on her back and getting wet. yeah, so it was about saying "there really are fairies that've dela
beloved entertainers this year from larry hagman and andy griffith to davy jones of the monkees and adam yauch of the beastie boys. two deaths in particular stand out because of the lasting impact on american culture. dick clark, the eternal teenager, and the tragic loss of whitney houston. i can tell you're angry about what's happened here. the blame game has begun. boowt of peleantola l opeleantola haou? >> it's everything. all a package. all a package. everything comes together, i think. but for me, the fans are one of the biggest things for me. i really enjoy just going out and performing for the fans. the energy that they give me. >> when we return, so many scandals. and one interview that went right off the rail. yes, i'm looking at you, robert blake. >> it's not about me, is it? >> yes, it is. because you open that door, charlie potatoes. i'm not going to sit here and let you or anybody else kick [ bleep ] out of me without defending myself. and you can take that to the [ bleep ] bank, charlie. if you want to show me the door, that's fine, too. >>> three big names. a scandal in ta
is at cnbc closing bell. mandy cnbc. what are you these days? >> i am bill griffith. >> just bill griffith. >> speaking of very rich people, bill gates, maria caught up with him in davos. she was not pulling any punches. >> microsoft has not had an easy time recently. would you ever return to the ceo office? with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine. >>> more than 100 s&p 500 companies report their quarterly earnings next week. brian shactman has been covering a whole pile of them. just give us the highlight. not going to make you do all 100. >> there are so many. i almost don't know where to start. i'll go on monday with caterpillar. pretty big deal. dealer stats released today show a little weakness. so we'll see how they do in earnings vs. estimates. after the cl
everything from a baseball sign, dick nixon to seats from griffith stadium to original script from each parade. the white house tapped him to be the inaugural parade announcer in 1957. he was working as an announcers at griffith. he sees every float and marching band. describing every single one and throwing in a joke or two along the way. >> i was loose as a goose, just getting up there and doing my little thing and all of a sudden somebody tells me you're the eyes and ears of the president. i said, i wish you hadn't told me. >> while his first official inauguration parade was nor president eisenhower, he actually got his start volunteering in 1949 for president truman's inauguration when they needed a last-minute replacement. that's 11 presidents over 63 years. charlie has seen it all. a great guy all around. >> and has a lot of fun doing it obviously. you can stay home and watch the parade and hear charlie. doreen and jim will be anchoring this afternoon. >>> some out of this world views from our nation's capitol as we prepare for today's inauguration. >>> also ahead, president obama
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